Our Process

We’re not just about sales, we work collaboratively with you to deliver products your customers will love.

  1. Product Innovation 

    As a sales centred business, we aim to develop product that is market led, ensuring concepts are aligned to client and consumer needs. We provide a consultative approach, offering access to market data, to work in collaboration and develop products that are specific to your requirements.

  2. Sourcing

    Working closely with our producers and extended network of suppliers, our sourcing team understands the importance of building and maintaining strong and reliable partnerships.

  3. Quality Assurance

    Our raw materials and finished products undergo many different checks, to ensure consistently high standards of quality. Our supply chain is independently audited, whilst our manufacturing facility operates to “unannounced BRC AA+” standards.

  4. Process Flow

    Operating 7 days per week, we source, grade, pack and ship Mushrooms and Prepared products within a 10 hour period. Our pack house is modern and designed to ensure all product varieties are controlled in a way that maximises freshness to the end client.

  5. Logistics

    We pride ourselves on our service levels, consistently exceeding +99% to all UK and Irish clients over the past 5 years. Using local and national approved logistic providers, we ship daily to UK and Irish depots. Product conditions are controlled and monitored throughout the chill chain, arriving in client CDC’s within 12 hours of despatch.

  6. Customer Care

    At U.M.I Foods, we understand the importance of strong sales support, to look after your business in a professional manner. We aspire to build lasting partnerships, delivered through the highest standards of customer care.